Establishment of the Quba Inst.In the 1940s when Quba, Inc. (formerly the International Muslim Brotherhood) was founded, America was quite a different place than it is today. World War II had not long been over and Jim Crow Laws very harshly divided the races. Yet, Imam Nasir Ahmed and a handful of determined followers left the anonymity and security of a secluded agrarian community (Addenu Allahi Universal Arabic Association) of Sunni Muslims that had been formed by Professor Muhammad Ezzaldeen in Southern New Jersey to start the International Muslim Brotherhood in Philadelphia.

The Problem:

The problem during that time was a lack of books, even Qur’ans, teachers and the necessary resources to guide such an ambitious mission, but they put their own meager contributions together and opened their first official Masjid on Christian St. in South Philadelphia in 1949, relocating to Lancaster Avenue in the 1950s. Thus began the 60+ year journy of the Quba, Inc.

Then and now:

While Quba Inc. has achieved much in these 60+ years – Including the addition of a variety of subsidiaries, the problem then and now continues to be continuous fiscal support and maintaining necessary resources to fuel such an ambitious mission. By God’s leave and through contributions from dedicated supporters this ambitious mission can be achieved.