Continuous Charity – $5 a Week Campaign

Quba’s History:

– Quba has been the cornerstone Islamic organization in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties for the past 63 years/since 1949.
– Quba has been the premiere Islamic Institution in Philadelphia since 1949.
– Quba has led the conversation on Interfaith relations and American Muslim Identity in the Philadelphia region.
– Quba has initiated the first Khatib training program in Philadelphia. This is part of its mission to provide competent and consistent leadership that resonates with the American Muslim Community.

Education at Quba

– Full time K-8 Academic and Islamic studies program
– Qur’an Studies (Afterschool an Weekend)
– Adult Education Program (Islam 101, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Adab/Tasawwuf)


– 3rd Place 4th Grade Entry – experiment to determine if different colors of light would affect a plant’s rate of transpiration (2011)
– 3rd Place 5th Grade Team Entry – studied how efficiently different natural substances filtered impurities from water (2012)
– 3rd Place 6th Grade Entry – “Digestion: Breaking it down.” Digestion rates of different types of food (2012)
– Math and Science Partnership Award (2012)

Campaign Goals

– Get 500 donors to donate $5 a Week
– To provide Quba supporters a secure and convenient way to give on-going charity
– To generate a reliable means to fund Quba’s educational programs

Investing in the education of the next generation yields rewards both now and in the future. “The best charity is that which fulfills someone’s need and is continuous.” (Ibn al-Qayyim)

Your small gift, given consistently, can have a tremendous positive impact. Please donate.

3 thoughts on “Continuous Charity – $5 a Week Campaign

  1. Fatima Abdul-Malik

    Ramadan Kareem to all,

    What a blessing to be able to give a gift that will keep live on after I am gone, insha’Allah.

    Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “When the child of Adam dies all of his actions (and rewards) cease except for three; the perpetual charity, or knowledge that is beneficial or a righteous child that prays for him”.

    Hajjah Fatima Abdul-Malik

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