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Quba institute aims to provide the highest quality of Islamic education facilitated by certified and experienced scholars sourced from near and far. Established in 1938, Quba Intitute, Inc is the parent organization of the oldest Sunni masjid (Masjid Quba) in the city of Philadelphia.

Our Heritage


In 1938, when Quba Institute was founded, America was quite a different place. The vision of the founders was to create an institution that would serve the religious and spiritual, needs of Muslims that lived in both urban and suburban spaces of Philadelphia. In order to promote and sustain healthy living, they believed that the first requirement was to become functionally educated in the basic religious sciences of Islam. They strove to overcome the challenges of lacking the basic resources needed to achieve their goals, books (including the Qur'aan), teachers and institutional framework to house their vision.    However, through their humble efforts they were able to successfully establish their first official headquarters in 1942 . Thus began the 83 year journey of Quba Institute.

Our Facilities

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Today Quba Institute is a thriving organization located in the historic Mill-Creek section of West Philadelphia. Our humble campus is comprised of three adjoining properties which house our Educational program as well as Masjid Quba.

Our Community


Quba prides itself as being a diverse and multicultural community that strives to honor its 80+ year legacy by recommitting ourselves to the service of our students, seniors, neighbors and immediate community.

Our Staff

School Application

Sheikh Anwar Muhaimin, the first known American to complete the memorization of the Holy Qur'aan, and a graduate of the Islamic University of Medina, is the President of Quba, and the spiritual leader of Masjid Quba. Imams Anas Muhaimin and Quaiser Abdullah serve as Imams of Masjid Quba. Sr. Chavonne Byas is the current Principal of Quba Institute Day School.

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