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We have several ways you can contribute to our mission. 

*Quba Institute is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not for profit organization, all gifts are tax-deductible.

(Tax ID#: 23-2797935)


Give a onetime gift towards our facilities Improvement and Expansion.

Endowment Gift

Endowment Gift: Give towards the establishment of or investment in Quba’s Endowment Fund (donor option). Help establish an endowment that will help secure Quba’s future. Endowed funds will be invested, and part of the returns will be used for everyday operations. A portion of these returns will be earmarked for future developmental projects.

Annual Gift

Annual Gift: The annual fund will help fund everyday activities from salaries and daily operations to book purchases and classroom improvement. This fund will help keep Quba’s financial outlook healthy and help sustain its endowment. Annual giving can be a one-time gift, monthly gifts or even weekly gifts. For supporters who prefer sustained giving (i.e. monthly or weekly) invoicing and ACH debit options are available.

Parent/Alumni Gift

Parent/Alum Gift: Parents and Alumni who gift to Quba can specify where they would like their gift to go.


Energy Gift

Energy Gift: Give to or assume payment of an energy bill or contribute to the energy account. Donors may pay the energy supplier directly (account Information available by request) or request your donation be earmarked for a specific energy account.


Adobt a Class

Adopt-a-class: Contribute towards the improvement of a specific classroom.


Book fund: Contribute towards purchasing much needed textbooks, workbookS, teacher’s editions or classroom manipulatives.