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At  Quba  Institute we strive to  create  an  inclusive  educational  environment  that employs  21st  Century  Learning  Models .  Our aim  is  to  scaffold  the  intellectual,  spiritual, emotional,  physical,  ethical  development  and  holistic  wellness  of  our  entire  student body.  We  want to  promote  just  and  caring  learning  spaces  that support  our  students  scholarly,  entrepreneurial  and  vocational  aspirations.  Our  hope  is that  all  students  become exceptionally  equipped  to  explore  career  and  work readiness opportunities  in  high  school  and  beyond.  We  work to  nurture  respect for others,  innovative and creative thought,  computer literacy,  creative  expression,  global  citizenship,  and interfaith dialogue. Our  students  for are prepared for active  civic engagement  in  the  community  of  humankind.  We  embrace  and  celebr ate  the  plurality  of  their  agency. At  Quba  Institute  our  mantra  is: “Smart  is  Not  Something  You  Are. Smart  is  Something  You  Become’  (Howard,  2005). Every  link of  the  organization  coalesces  to  promote  optimal  student  outcomes  and  life long successes.

Safety Measures

Accreditations and Honors


Safety Measures
We honor all current Federal, State and Local school security mandates and initiatives. We have 360 Security Systems to monitor the school grounds. To uphold the safety and well being of our students, staff and the school campus at all times we execute a 100% Positive Identity Verification Protocols.

National Junior Honor Society Sh. Nafea Muhaimin Scholars Chapter Established in 2012; National Honor Society Sh. Nafea Muhaimin High School Chapter Est. in 2003; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania House of Representatives Citation -(2000) for the organization belief that knowledge must be tempered with spiritual guidance and moral responsibility; Philadelphia City Council Citation (1995) for educational services to the community; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania House of Representatives Citation (1995) for educational services to the community

Parent Organization

Admissions Procedures

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QIPFO is our Parent/Guardians-Staff Organization. Parents are active participants in various school activities. The thoughts and opinions of staff members, students, parents and guardians are embraced and respected. At Quba Institute the entire school family has voice and agency.

The School family supports a multitude of charities, arts and civic activities. Extended Programming Details Extended Day Programming: November -May-

• Title I: Reading and Mathematics Tutorial Services are offered to all eligible students.

• Sh. Nafea Qur'aan Academy:

• Qur'aanic Hifz Program: Admission Requirements.  

• Parent Programs

• Parents After School Volunteers, Parents Classroom Volunteers, Parents Home and School Association; Parents School Advisory  

• Family/Home Association Link


• Other Parent Programs

• Adult Classes in Religious Studies & Arabic Courses. 

Application: Academic, Social-Emotional, Behavioral and Social Services Records Review. * Interview with student and parent/guardian. * Academic & Personal References.

(Quba Institute admits students of any race or religion to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at that school; furthermore Quba does not discriminate on the basis of race or religion in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and any other school-administered programs.)

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