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“Building a Spiritually Rooted Community”

“In order to have sustainable community you have to make sure people are sustainable. That means healing trauma.”

Jarmbi Githabul Narakwal/ Githabul Custodian

We live in a world today where we experience many forms of trauma. We are impacted physically, emotionally, and most of all time spiritually. We are not meant to take our spiritual journeys alone; this often can make the trauma that we experience worse. We need to create shared sacred spaces where believers can study and reflect on the Divine word, pray and meditate, participate in ritual worship and solitary retreat and serve Allah’s creation. In this is our healing; the healing that our souls yearn. One of the ways we seek to accomplish our mission is through the practice of fomenting brotherhood and sisterhood. We are called by Allah in the Quran to build and maintain social and communal bonds with one another:

"And hold fast, all together, unto the bond with God, and do not draw apart from one another…"

Our goal at Masjid Quba is to heed that call.

The Spiritual Benefits of Community

Membership Requirements

Becoming a member of Masjid Quba is simple. Anyone who is interested should:

  1. Complete (and sign) a membership application.

  2. Commit to pay monthly membership dues and annual Zakat to the Masjid (see dues chart below)

  3. Commit to learning to live as a community of believers

  4. Commit to service as worship

Membership Perks
  • Automatic subscription to online community newsletter

  • Congregational prayer & worship services

  • Discounted Islamic studies courses

  • 25% off special adult Islamic studies courses (intensives)

  • 25% off specialized services (marriage, counseling, etc.)

Membership Fees
Membership Type
Monthly Membership Fee
Annual Membership Fee
Single Individual

Family (5 or Less)

Senior Fixed Income
or student
$35 Per Month

$50 Per Month

$20 Per Month


Membership Application
Color logo with background.png
Tell us a little bit about yourself
1. What personal talents/assets can you offer the community?
2. What are your expectations from the community?

Thanks for submitting!

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