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Imam Anas

Imam Muhammad Anas Ibn Nafea Muhaimin is an Educator, Spiritual Advisor, Public Speaker, experienced Translator, Interpreter, Spiritual Counselor, and Arbiter. Born in 1967 to the late Sh. Nafea Muhaimin (R.A.A) and the late Hajjah Najwa Muhaimin (R.A.A) in Philadelphia, Pa. He spent his formative years in Medina, Saudi Arabia, with his family. He returned home in 1987 after spending 14 years studying Islam, including seven years at the University of Medinah, KSA. Imam Anas has devoted the past 35 years to the service of his community. He has worked tirelessly along with the late Sh. Nafea Muhaimin and Sh. Anwar Muhaimin to establish and maintain the Quba Institute since 1991. He has taught hundreds of children and adults during that span and has been the acting director of Quba Institute Day School for the past 25 years, as well as the Vice President of Quba Institute, Inc

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